PSS Tharun’s is reputed for exquisite and magnificient pieces of jewellery. Every single piece of our jewellery speaks volumes of the fancy inheritance.

In addition to our collection we also produce jewellery according to customer’s taste and requirements ensuring the best quality and perfection. At PSS Tharun’s jewellery we pride ourselves in using specialized technologies in manufacturing jewellery in our own State-of-the-Art workshop. We have got catalogues with latest designs of traditional, western, antique jewellery and incorporate all kinds of latest designs available in the market.

We make jewellery in 22 ct/18 ct/9 ct platinum, white gold, gem stone and diamond jewellery. PSS Tharun’s product quality and unique service have made Tharun’s an inevitable name in all auspicious occasions.We believe to build and maintain a strong relationship with each and every customer. Hence we are no doubt the best and trusted jeweller to produce your high quality fashion investment.

We believe in creating customer satisfaction that you will treasure throughout life.

Our confidence is built upon your trust in us!